STE Advantage also offers Asset Tracking within the integrated model. Asset tracking is the ability to locate assets on complicated sites, along with Asset protection for high risk objects like Art Work.

Based on the RTLS technology the assets are tagged, and depending on the asset, the system is told if they are or are not allowed to move. When staff are looking for equipment that may be shared across departments – all they need to do is go to the system and ask for its location.

Where assets are deemed not to be movable – like Artwork, the system will generate an alarm once it starts moving, and locate the asset on the site to assist in security response to the asset moving.

Asset tracking can save customers many hours in lost labour. Asset Tracking systems are one of the least considered systems, but one with the most potential to save labour costs on larger organisations sites.

The asset tracking system also works on the same infrastructure and the wireless nurse call systems and lone worker duress systems.  This allows for multiple integrated deployments from the one infrastructure.