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STE Advantage has worked on many CCTV systems and has adopted the latest technologies to provide the best solution for customers, without degrading the value of existing analogue CCTV systems.

STE Advantage’s integrated model is based on getting the existing CCTV systems up to modern standards through Digital Video Recorders that also act as encoders, as well as deploying modern IP based CCTV cameras that work across their own networks as well as customer infrastructure and the WWW (World Wide Web).

One of the main components that STE Advantage has looked for in regards to the CCTV equipment is the ability to show progress toward unified IP based CCTV standards, such as ONVIF and PSIA. This direction protect s the customers choices in the future as the technology will be interoperable with other systems and technologies.

Though there is great choice out there, and standards to allow for choice, STE Advantage has focused on a singular technology provider that can meet all the customer requirements when it comes to CCTV but still meets with the open standards.

Installing multiple technologies from multiple vendors regarding CCTV equipment creates service issues and hinders integration as there are now multiple vendors that need to be contacted and controlled to enable the integration and provide for the deployment.

STE Advantages integrated model and technology choice allows for very large systems to be controlled over internal and external networks, using smart technology deployment that includes back to base recording, offsite recording and edge recording.

The CCTV systems integrate seamlessly into the System Management System, and provide for High Level integration of alarms where needed, along with reviewing straight from the System Management System, as well as from other integrated components events.