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STE Advantages integrated solution regarding wireless Duress and Lone Worker Tracking is based around traditional integration and deployment and not that of network integration – network integration is used as a last place data notifier typically.

The advantage of the Personnel Lone Worker Wireless Tracking and Duress system is that the staff can be anywhere that has coverage. The Duress is located on them – and most importantly it locates then – guiding help directly to the staff member under duress.

Not only does the system allow for the Duress component but a staff location feature. Staff who are deployed on large complex sites, with noise and risk may not always get the message that there are issues on site. The lone worker system will allow for locating all staff across the customers site effectively in real time.

This is critical for larger organisations where staff may be anywhere on site, going between departments or visiting high risk areas such as workshops.

This also includes open areas, such as car parks and inter-building pathways. Staff in high personal risk environments such as Hospitals can now be protected all the way to their car on campus.

The separation of the RFID technology from network infrastructure is important, customers need to be 100% sure that the system is online and working.  Networks are now extremely complicated and bandwidth allocation and protection requires many hours of labour to get right and then maintain.

Systems that are deemed critical – like Lone Worker Duress – are protected in the STE Advantage integrated design model.

The lone worker duress system also works on the same infrastructure and the wireless nurse call systems and asset tracking systems.  This allows for multiple integrated deployments from the one infrastructure.