Nurse call systems have been deployed predominantly stand alone. These systems do very basic functions, press a button, turn on a light and notify staff via a pager etc.

By bringing Nurse Call into a unified system, we can now provide much more user friendly options for our customers and in a lot of cases a more cost effective solution.

Along with the standard features of Nurse Call, a unified system can allow easy to use reporting on the Nurse Call systems, how often they are used, how often they are for emergencies etc. This information is very important for the organisation deploying these systems to allow for improvement in their systems.

Further to this the STE Advantage solution is monitored. This means that if there are cable failures, tampering etc. the system will notify the customer about it. Along with intelligent power supplies, this STE Advantage solution provides full protection for the customer.

With direct a direct link to Ethernet, along with WiFI and 3G reporting methods, the power of the Nurse Call system can now be integrated with response mechanisms, such as priority lift interfacing and lighting control.

Nurse’s movement in an emergency should not be hindered, and poor lighting places nurses at risk. These common sense integrations make for a powerful Nurse Call system, but an OH&S system as well.

One of the main advantages to this integrated solution is that the Nurse Call system is native within the System Management System and is not prone to failures in third party products such as servers and software.