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STE Advantage has also worked on providing solutions that stretch out from physical buildings and site infrastructure to vehicles.

Vehicles come in many forms, cars and trucks are commonly thought of, but there are also infrastructure vehicles like forklifts, cranes and diggers etc. that are also important assets.

All of these can be controlled and monitored via the STE Advantage integrated model. The model takes into consideration components important to the customer such as OH&S and compliance.

Vehicle Compliance

When using certain vehicles, staff or operators need to hold qualifications and prove that they know their task and understand the machinery they are using.

By deploying access control and CCTV systems onto the machinery STE Advantage can provide solutions that assist in ensuring that the customer has done everything reasonable to protect their staff, the public and property.

A typical solution may be that staff access the machinery with an identifiable card or biometric, the integrated system will confirm that the staff member has rights to use the machinery, as well as current qualifications, and then will start a questionnaire ensuring that equipment checks have been made and the task they are about to do is understood – all before allowing the machine to actually start and be operated.

Vehicle Control

In some environments there is a mixture of person and machine, and in other environments there is just machine. STE Advantages integrated model can identify if an area is free from individuals, and allow machinery to operate at full speed, and when individuals are close, sow the machines done and inform the operator that there are individuals about.

This form of vehicle control can save not only labour costs that relate to down time, but assist in preventing injuries in the work place.

STE Advantages model also allows for automated testing of vehicles, such as determining if the tyres are flat, or if machinery requires a service, where the machinery allows for this.

Vehicle Tracking and CCTV

As with fixed assets, vehicles can have CCTV system deployed into them. These can be extremely helpful in situations where there have been accidents, or on buses monitoring the public. This coupled with GPS tracking technology allows for locating vehicles/machinery and view how they are being used.

The technology STE Advantage has also allows for shock sensors and speed alerts and alarms for companies that are moving important goods such as money or valuable computers etc.

The STE Advantage product also allows for scheduling and can inform operators at the customer’s premises if deliveries or pick-ups are on time.

This along with analogue alarms related to refrigerated products, STE Advantage can provide solid fleet management options for all environments – on site via WiFi and offsite through the mobile telecommunications networks.