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STE Advantage has worked hard on making the CCTV systems more reactionary – rather than an asset that is used after the fact. This has been achieved through the use of video analytics.

Video analytics come in many forms, these include basic analytics such as smarts that determine if something has been taken or left behind, or if individuals or cars are entering or exiting an area they should not, to more advanced technologies that will actually learn how environments are used and then flag alarms when these areas have changes.

By identifying the customer’s needs STE Advantage will find the correct video analytics for the environment and then integrate them into the total integration model. This will allow for great success in freeing up security officers from duties in the control room and making them mobile.

Security Officers are one of the greatest assets t have in your security design, but having them locked in a room is very old method of site control, and staff and customers feel safer if they visualise these security team members.

Video analytics, and the total integrated model allows for this to happen, and puts complete control of the site in the officer’s pocket.

Video Analytics also allows for cost savings after hours. It can be very in-effective and risky to have lone security staff onsite afterhours. It is also generally impossible for them to monitor the entire site correctly, especially when the number of CCTV cameras exceeds 9.

By using intelligent video analytics the CCTV systems can effectively watch themselves and provide alarms and triggers to other devices to assist in the prevention of damage, and reporting of issues on and offsite.

Video analytics can also be very useful in marketing departments and OH&S departments for tracking numbers of people attending sites, where they go and how they interact with the environment they are in.