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STE Advantage can provide stand alone and integrated Visitor Management systems for site and organisations globally through our integrated design.

The  Visitor Management System provides a simple, effective and efficient way of registering, tracking, and managing your organization’s visitors.


  • Fast, efficient visitor registration

Using the onscreen keyboard and the fingertip-sensitive touchscreen, the VMS entry form takes around 20 seconds to complete, saving a photo of your visitor for security purposes

  • Time Saving

Visitors can be pre-registered, and repeat visitors are automatically recognized, saving valuable registration time

  • Pre-Registration

Log in and create visitor appointments from any workstation with network access

  • Professional visitor labels

Fully customizable, the visitor label clearly displays your company logo, the visitor’s name, entry time, expected departure time, and staff member’s name

  • Faster, more efficient signing out

No need to re-enter your registration details when you leave the building, simply scan the label and your visitor is automatically signed out

  • Visitor Reports
  • Visitor log displaying visitor details, staff members visited, and arrival/departure time
  • One-click evacuation report for printing a list of on-site visitors
  • Hourly, daily, weekly and monthly activity reports
  • One-click signout and quick editing of visitor details
  • Email reports for overdue visitors

All reports export to PDF for printing

  • Staff management

Add and edit individual staff, or bulk import from CSV file

Available as either a hosted or standalone solution, the Graphical User Interface is straightforward, affordable, fully-scalable, and capable of processing more than 150 visitors an hour.

Access to the system is divided into two main areas and distinct functions:

  • Client Side / Front Desk

The machine located at the front desk / reception, used by visitors to register and print labels

  • Administrative Side / Remote Workstation

Effectively any workstation with network access, used by staff to pre-register visitors and perform

Administrative functions from a web browser.

Remote workstations used to pre-register visitors and perform administrative functions simply require a network connection and have no minimum system requirements apart from a supported web browser.