Staff protection is becoming one of the most important components to modern security systems and one of the key issues for customers.

Though the protection of physical assets is important, organisations are also concerned about their staff, and regard them as assets as well. in areas such as Healthcare and Retail, organisations are now more aware of the changing attitudes of the public and they have realised there is a need to further protect those who are working for them.

Wired duress is the traditional method of protecting staff based areas, this is done allowing multiple reporting options, allowing for flexibility in response and most importantly reporting.

Each individual input can trigger multiple outputs or notifications. The one input could notify the monitoring company that there is a security response required on site, at the same time email multiple people regarding this notification, and set off local flashers and trigger the CCTV system to increase recording rates.

Reporting is a key component to this, especially in Healthcare. How many activation’s, response times, and how issues arose and dealt with are important in reducing duress activation’s. An integrated system allows for easily finding this information and using it to make assessments.